Corporate Members

The Patients Association’s corporate members ensure that we can maintain our campaigns, support patients and stay at the cutting edge of health service policy. We maintain our independence through our Principles of Understanding which are signed by each Sponsor. The Corporate Sponsorship we receive ensures that we do not have to receive core funding from Government; therefore, we can represent the interests of patients alone, whether that is through support or constructive criticism towards the Government.

We are also grateful for the information and expertise that we gain through our Sponsors’ experience with patients. Without the support of these Sponsors, the Patients Association would not be able to represent the patients as a truly independent organisation. Each of these organisations makes a positive contribution to the patient experience.

We are delighted to list them here:

AstellasAbbottServierNovartisBaxterGrunenthalBupaCareFusionRosemountMerck Sharp & DohmePfizerMedirestNutricia

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If you are interested in becoming a corporate member, please contact us.consultus_care